Alexandra Kelly

Social media is my primary focus, and I also do some design and writing. I have some clients whose brands I develop or manage, and others who bring me in as part of a bigger team.


If I weren't working in my field, I would probably be doing something with photography or fashion design. I always have a million ideas about clothes that I want, but can't find anywhere.

Alexandra is driven by her love of helping her clients see strengths they may not realize they have, and getting that message out to the world. She believes that, at times, because they are so close to what they do, it can be hard for them to see all of the opportunities. She began her career as a graphic designer. In 2009 she was freelancing and ready to make a change. Since social media was emerging as something useful for business, and it was compatible with her skillset, pivoting into it was a natural progression for her.

She didn't always have an interest in doing work on computers. When she was in high school, had an interest in fine art. She went to Drexel University and was able to take fine art classes in the design school and eventually came to love working on computers through graphic design.

Early on in her business, she had a few clients — very small businesses — that she assisted with writing, editing, PR, and more which made it easy for her to pivot into offering design and social media services. Today she works from her home office in Philadelphia. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and pitbull Lily.



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